Brave New World

Brave New WorldWhat is a perfect world? The majority of people would say it is a world where everyone is content and free of pain. However, one cannot know true happiness in life without pain.

The World State is the name of the society of Brave New World that displays the common perspective of a utopia. In here, everyone was bred in Hatcheries and designated into five different castes. The fetuses chosen as the highest castes, Alpha and Beta, were grown naturally without interference. On the other hand, the fetuses chosen to be the lower castes, Delta, Gamma, or Epsilon, were handicapped in intelligence and physical growth by the injection of chemical in their containers. They were grown to serve the higher castes without capability of feeling any complex emotions such as ambitions. The control allows the society to be stable and its population happy with whatever one gets. Yet, due to the termination of conflict and ambition in people, they become like a child, naïve and carefree, and lose individualistic mind to be a part of the World State.

In my opinion, the World State was a failed attempt to be a utopia. In order to achieve the perfect society, they gave up being human and became machine-like; population produced in the Hatcheries, grown into their designated castes, and brainwashed to follow the rule of the society without individual freedom. The author wrote the novel to show how we lost humanity by pursuing perfection and to warn his readers about the danger of letting technology take the essential part of human life. The novel will let you ponder about the meaning of happiness we seek today.

Gina K.


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