Revealed (Missing: Book 7): Review by Dhruti Panchal

Cover: Revealed (Missing: Book 7)

Revealed by Margaret Peterson Haddix is the seventh book in the Missing Series. The genre of the series is science fiction. Set in the twenty-first century, the series are centered on a thirteen year old boy named Jonah Skidmore, who, along with his eleven year old sister Katherine discover that Jonah is one of thirty-six famous missing children from history who were kidnapped by time travellers and were accidentally brought to the twenty-first century. They were kidnapped because in their original time period, a fatal event would result in the child’s death. They are called the “missing” children of history because not even history knows what actually happened to them.

When I started reading this book, I was expecting the general plot of the previous books. An event or initial incident leads to Jonah, Katherine, and one other missing child from history time-travelling to the past to return, and then rescue the missing child from their time period. This book starts off with Jonah seeing Charles Lindbergh; the famous historical pilot, in his living room, and then promptly kidnapping Katherine. The story gets even more complicated when every adult in Jonah’s town is turned into a teenager and all of the thirty-five other missing children disappear. Jonah is the only one left who can save everyone before time runs out. As the title indicates, Jonah’s identity as a missing child from history is revealed in this book.

Personally, I enjoyed reading this book because of its many plot twists. The author kept me guessing until the very end. I also liked how the twists gave me a deeper understanding of the characters. Every character in this book felt real and relatable: Jonah being portrayed as the protective older brother, and Charles Lindbergh being portrayed as a parent who is willing to do anything for his son. While the plot turning points were exciting, at times, they were sometimes hard to follow and confused me into re-reading a paragraph over again to understand the whole time travel “complications or rules” that reoccurred throughout the book. Taken into account all of the negatives of the book, I would still recommend this book to anybody who enjoys a good adventure story.


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