The Lightning Thief (Book One of Percy Jackson and the Olympians): A Review by Alec Pasternak


The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is an amazing book and is a favorite among teenagers for some very good reasons. First of all, the author of this book and the series really knows the target audience and knows what they like out of a story – comedy, action, romance – so this book has a great amount of them all and on top of that the characters are extremely likeable and relate able. Another thing this book does very well is pacing. For the most part, the vast majority of the chapters are never really dull and keep the audience interested. Aside from its slow start it really picks up and once it does you really won’t want to put it down. Another great thing about this book is how well it describes scenes, characters, and things enough so that you don’t have to completely imagine something but not too much so that it’s still up to the readers’ imagination. And finally this book and more books in the series end in a satisfying way. While they may end on a bit of a cliff hanger it isn’t big enough for you to be completely annoyed with the ending and the author for stopping it there.

Personally, I highly recommend reading this book. It does start slow and takes some time to really get interesting, but once you get past that it’s a fun, exciting adventure story that will likely result in staying up until 3 the morning reading. With a total of 10 books to cover the complete series, that’s a great thing.

Overall Rating : 8/10


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