The Red Pyramid (Book One of Kane Chronicles): A Review by Alec Pasternak


Fans of the Percy Jackson series may be sad the series is over, but Rick Riordan has again blessed us with another great adventure series involving ancient mythology in modern day life.

Writers often seem to follow trends they set themselves in their books, meaning a lot of their books seem to be a very similar plot with just variations and different details. Rick Riordan is no exception, as upon first glance, this shares a striking similarity with The Lightning Thief. But what makes this book different is that a lot of the characters aren’t very definitive bad guys and good guys, aside from the main villain. This really makes you enjoy the characters more as opposed to them all just being bad guys and good guys. Much like in The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan perfectly describes the world and events in enough detail so that it’s not completely up to your imagination, but not too much so it’s not completely set in stone how an event or something is. And lastly the characters themselves are very enjoyable and while I may not like all of them there are still quite a few I enjoy.

While it may be very similar to The Lightning Thief, the story is still different enough to completely enjoy it. And unlike The Lightning Thief, this story does pick up nice and quickly so you aren’t too bored before getting into the really good parts of the book. While it may not be quite as good as The Lightning Thief, it deserves some recognition for being a nicely written adventure book.

Overall Rating :8/10


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