The Titan’s Curse (Book Three of Percy Jackson and the Olympians): A Review by Alec Pasternak

TitanCurseCoverThe Titan’s Curse is the sequel to The Sea of Monsters in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. This story takes place roughly 6 months after the events in the last book and adds numerous new important characters. I found this book’s story much more compelling than the previous book, and once again Riordan brilliantly balances action, comedy and drama for a very entertaining book. The characters introduced this time around are amazing; they may seem very dull at first but they are very well thought out and like-able characters. In particular, the Angelo siblings are just so nicely thought up and have a very tragic back story – which I shall not go into for the sake of a spoiler free review. One thing I particularly enjoyed in this book was that most of the important characters from the previous books made some notable appearances. And the last thing I very much enjoyed was the mythology used in this book; for example, having the Nemian Lion and Atlas make an appearance was great.

The problems I had with this book are few and far between, but I still had some so let’s go over them now. Unlike The Sea of Monsters, this book makes numerous references to the older books which can be very hard to remember unless the books are fresh on your mind. And the other issue I had was how some of the newer characters didn’t get as much time as they should have.

Overall, this book is a greatly written sequel to The Sea of Monsters and is definitely worth reading.

Rating : 9/10.


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