The Fault in our Stars: A Review by Hedie Mahmoudian

FaultStarsCoverMost people believe that contracting a serious life-threatening disease practically means that they now have one foot in the grave and there’s really no use to enjoying life anymore if it’s about to end. However, this most famous novel by world-renowned author John Green seeks to change this thought pattern. The Fault in Our Stars is the story of a young girl named Hazel Grace who’s just your average teenage girl, except for the fact that her lungs aren’t working too well due to a cancer that’s laying siege inside her body. However, she tries not to think about that fact too much.

One day she ends up going to a support group (forced by her mother) only to end up meeting a young man who goes by the name of Augustus Waters. Isn’t that something different? Dying-girl meets recent cancer surviving-boy and the two end up falling in love with one another, despite their circumstances.

After this fatal encounter, they both begin to discover the many differences they possess. Augustus loves books about the impending zombie apocalypse whereas Hazel lives for a single novel by her favourite author Peter Van Houten titled An Imperial Affliction. After experiencing one heck of an adventure through the help of Mr. Van Houten and his…interesting personality, things suddenly get more complicated for the star crossed lovers. After living with cancer for such a long period of time, it’s easy for one to forget that they even have the disease, at least until it comes back to punch you in the face. The two lovers use all their effort to prevent their sicknesses from eating them alive, however some things are out of their control.

John Green has created a novel which appeals to anyone in any stage of life, as it demonstrates the meaning of true love through two unique characters. The Fault in Our Stars explains the strength, courage, optimism and joy that individuals, living their everyday lives with life threatening diseases, possess. It aims to leave readers realizing that a person is NOT defined by their mental, emotional, or physical issues, but rather by the impact they have on those who are fortunate enough to have these individuals in their lives.




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