Jurassic Park: A Review by Hedie Mahmoudian

JurassicParkCoverMany of us have imagined what living in a world with dinosaurs would be like. Are they as vicious as we originally thought them to be? Would we be able to keep our place on the food chain or would they eat us up? Well, Michael Crichton creates such a world in Jurassic Park on the island of Isla Nublar.

In this amazing novel, a middle-aged archeologist by the name of Dr. Alan Grant and his partner Dr. Ellie Sattler are called in as consultants to review a certain creation on an island off the coast of Costa Rica by their company owner John Hammond. Once on the island, it is clear that the attraction waiting for them was something that no one on was expecting. Itès later discovered that this island is to become a Jurassic Park where visitors will come and witness real living, breathing dinosaurs. Of course not everyone agrees with this idea, in fact the mathematician Ian Malcolm, brought on the island to review its safety, insists that the attraction is in fact a death trap because of the way the dinosaurs were constructed through bioengineering.

Along with Grant, Sattler and Malcolm, other first-timers on the island include Hammond’s Lawyer Donald Gennaro, Hammond’s two grandchildren, and Denis Nedry, the computer technician who designed the park’s complicated computer network. However, no one is aware of the fact that Nedry works for a rival company which instructed him to steal 15 embryos from Hammond’s bioengineering lab on the island. When Nedry shuts down the park’s security system in order to obtain the embryos, the park suddenly begins to malfunction. But what could be the worst thing that happens if a giant park filled with man-eating dinosaurs begins to malfunction? Well, I guess the tyrannosaurs rex could be a bit of a problem…

Michael Crichton astounds us with one of his most incredible and well-known works. Filled with action, science and aspects of comedy, Crichton never disappoints his audience. This novel has also been adapted into an award-winning film franchise which continues to this day. Both the book and its corresponding film keep the same message in mind: nature is not something to be tampered with. Even though we often believe ourselves to be the ultimate species, we tend to forget that nature has been here long before we were and it will always find a way to create equilibrium.




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