The Battle of the Labyrinth(Book Four of Percy Jackson and the Olympians): A Review by Alec Pasternak

BattleLabyrinthCoverThe Battle of the Labyrinth is the fourth installment of the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I find this book both great and poor for reasons that I shall discuss here. Much like its predecessor, this book has great stories and great new characters and also builds on some of the older stories and characters. The new characters are very well designed and have great back stories. The book itself is action and drama packed with the exception of a relaxing chapter here and there.

Now you may be wondering to yourself “well, now if it’s got all this what’s so wrong with it?” Well, simply put I found the whole labyrinth part of this book disappointing. Despite it being a huge underground maze, the protagonists never truly got lost. They ended up going into different places unintentionally, but they never really gave us that feeling of being lost and it felt like a giant underground hallway instead of a maze. With the whole maze ordeal aside, I found this book hard to read. I often ended up getting bored and setting the book down for a while before picking it up again later. At least at some points in the book, it’s not balanced in terms entertainment, but perhaps that’s just me. But those two problems aside, I found the book excellent and very deserving of a read.

Overall, The Battle of the Labyrinth is a great sequel to “The Titan’s Curse” and while I found it boring at times, it was still great and very enjoyable.

Rating : 8/10


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