Brave New World: A Review by Hedie Mahmoudian

Brave New WorldWhat will our world look like 500 years from now? Will we live our lives the same way we currently do, except with hovercrafts and teleportation? Well, in Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, we get a glimpse into the very possible future we could one day face if we continue on our current path of genetic engineering and the idea of ‘perfection’.

This story takes place in the year 2540, when children are created in factories, people take drugs to remain happy, and sex is casual (as in once-a-day) and very explicit. There is no god, religion, war, or individuality in this world. The inhabitants are created in the “London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre” where they are conditioned to fit into a certain category of society: smart and good-looking or the dumb and ugly, as well as some in between.

However, there is a young man named Bernard Marx who begins having different thought patterns than the average person in this world. He has a crush on a certain woman who goes by the name of Lenina Crowne, however he does not wish to sleep with her immediately (like many of her other male patrons do), but rather he wishes to get to speak to her and get to know her well first. This thought pattern is very different than that of the average inhabitant in this world, and as such Bernard begins getting questioned by The Director, the big boss of the human-making factory.

This results in Bernard leaving his civilized world with Lenina to visit a land where modernization has not reached yet. There he discovers a young man by the name of John who also has a different way of thinking, much like Bernard. Bernard brings John back to the civilized world, but he doesn’t realize that the sudden change of environment has a great effect on John’s mental state. John has a very different way of thinking, acting, and speaking than anyone in the civilized world, which makes him become treated more like a trinket than a person. He does not believe in the use of drugs to be happy, he does not believe in sex before marriage, and above all else, he does not believe all individuals should be exactly the same in every way. He believes in individuality, which is the one thing this civilized community attempts to take away from him.

Aldous Huxley astounds readers with his creative writing which grasps readers into the novel with his witty words and interesting conversations. He has created a novel which makes one look at our own world and how Huxley’s predictions are already becoming true. It makes one realize how quickly this world is evolving and how great of an impact society can have on us and the way we look at ourselves and those around us. Everyone should read this amazing story in order to get a different view of the world we live in.




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