Hush Hush: A Review by Hedie Mahmoudian

HushHushCoverAngels are often thought as other-worldly beings which exist to look over and protect us from harm’s way. We would not usually associate angels as something dangerous, however that’s because we are not normally introduced to the idea of “fallen angels”, which happens to be the topic of this particular novel written by author Becca Fitzpatrick.

This story takes place in modern-day Coldwater, Maine, where a young girl named Nora Grey is currently grieving over the loss of her father who passed away a year before. She and her mother are living in his old-style house in order to help keep his memory alive and aid them both in the grieving process. However, ever since his death, Nora has been feeling like she is being watched and although she should feel calm having her father watch over her from heaven, she can’t shake off the bad feeling she has. It is then revealed that a fallen angel named Patch is the one who has been keeping his eyes focused on Nora, as he has disguised himself as a young, incredibly handsome high schooler who just happens to go to the same school as Nora.

Patch tells Nora of his situation where he is required to kill her if he wishes to become human, or save her from a life-or–death situation if he wishes to become a full angel once again (which, unfortunately, he does not). If this isn’t already enough stress for Nora, she also faces an attack by a masked assailant on the highway, as well as several break-ins into her own home. The novel leads up to a great battle between one’s own internal good versus evil, which everyone can relate to on a daily basis.

This novel provides some more information on the topic of fallen angels and Nephilim, both of which are rarely talked about in any modern texts. Becca Fitzpatrick has created a novel which seeks to educate one on these interesting topics in a manner which keeps readers entertained and fully engrossed in a book which they will not want to put down. With a perfect blend of action, comedy and incredibly attractive characters, this is a story which will definitely appeal to younger female (or male) readers.




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