The Throne of Fire: A Review by Alec Pasternak

ThroneOfFireCoverThis is the second installment of the Kane Chronicles. After how great The Red Pyramid was, are we surprised it got a sequel? No not really, so let’s get right into this review. Now the story this time around is a lot more original than that of the Red Pyramid. And comparing the Percy Jackson books to this, I’d say this is a much more serious and dark themed series. There are a lot more character deaths and more serious themes. Now there were some pretty significant characters and at first they aren’t very likable, but later in the book they really shine out and become likable characters. The narration is top notch and since there are two different points of view, it really lets us see how the characters are seeing from their point of view. For the most part this book had very few flaws except for one very big one: unbalanced entertainment. Sometimes in this book I’d get kind of bored and set it down for a while, then come back to it later. It wasn’t that compelling to read until much later into the book, but perhaps that was just me.


Overall this book has a great story and is still an enjoyable read, however I myself found it rather unbalanced in entertainment. There were boring chapters and then amazing chapters later. But I do recommend this book to anyone who has read The Red Pyramid and or are fans of the Percy Jackson series.


Rating : 8/10


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