Crescendo: A Review by Hedie Mahmoudian

CrescendoCover    Relationship problems – that basically sums up the story in this second installment of the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. It was expected of course, after having a fairly happy ending in the first book, something bad was bound to happen. However, this book does not lack in the action and entertainment department, despite the great amount of ‘lovey dovey’ aspects this particular volume focuses on.

This novel starts off with Nora and Patch enjoying a lovely time at the beach, when they are suddenly and rudely interrupted by Marcie, a rude girl who often enjoys making Nora’s life miserable. If that isn’t bad enough, when Nora later confesses her love to Patch, she is faced with no reply since guardian angels are not supposed to fall in love with the people they are protecting. Eventually, the archangels discover Patch’s attachment to Nora and therefore force him to become Marcie’s guardian angel instead, in order to prevent his feelings from developing any further, unless he wants a one way ticket to hell.

Even though Patch is supposed to separate himself from Nora, he can’t help but feel like she is in danger. He ends up suspecting his good friend and fallen angel Rixon to be the one wanting to harm her which leads to the climax of the book. Nora is tricked by Rixon into thinking Patch was the person who had killed her father, making her trust him even less and falling deeper and deeper into Rixon’s trap to become human once again.

Crescendo was not as enjoyable as the very first novel in the Hush Hush series, due to the excessive focus on Nora and Patch’s back and forth relationship. However, the ending was much more exciting due to the fight scene which took place between Nora and Rixon.

Review: 6/10


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