Entwined: A Review by Lucia Chen

EntwinedCover‘Entwined’, by Heather Dixon tells the tale of a young girl struggling between coping with loss and being caught in passion. 16-year old Azalea and her 11 sisters love to dance, and it reminds them of their mother who adores both them and dancing with a passion. Even as princesses however, the young girls’ lives aren’t easy, even more so when they are confronted with the sudden loss of their mother. While in mourning, they lose not only their family, but their freedom, sunshine, and dancing as well. Caged within the confines of the palace, Azalea starts to form a bond with the open Mr. Bradford leading to the discovery of a secret passageway that hints at a world of magic and dancing. Unable to resist the temptation to dance time and time again, the sisters accept the prestigious invitation to dance every night in the Keeper’s pavilion. However, freedom comes with a price, and a deadline looms as the visits take increasingly dangerous turns. Unable to confront both her father and her feelings for Mr. Bradford, Azalea must take responsibility for her actions and fight the mysterious Keeper alone.

The novel is a riveting spin-off of the fairy tale ‘The 12 dancing princesses’, which takes unexpected plot twists and shows unanticipated bursts of comedy.  The characters are mostly dynamic, and every single one is well-thought out, with a concrete personality. The setting of the book takes place in the 17th or 18th century in the kingdom of Eathe, which means to say that it has medieval themes, but takes place in an alternate universe where magic occurs and nothing is impossible. This is a good book to settle down and read next to a companion, on a cold winter day. Although the 472 pages may seem long, the sentences are short, straight-forward, and easy to understand. I would also recommend reading the novel out loud, as there are many different characters mentioned, and many cliffhangers.

I personally was introduced to the book by a friend, and it has officially become one of my favorite books. The characters stay in character throughout the novel, and were are relatable to, as well as the relationships. One of my favorite rereads of the book occurred on a snowy day, at home with hot chocolate, as both the book and the hot chocolate warmed my soul and made me smile. I really love the book’s straightforwardness and character development, as well as its plot and plot twists. Some things that annoyed me about the book was its slow-paced events and occasional unrealistic situations, however it is only my opinion and will vary from reader to reader.

I recommend this book everyone 12 years of age and older, as some events may not make sense, or be too frightening for younger readers. Overall, the book is timeless as well as flawless, and should be enjoyed by everyone.


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