Hatchet: A Review by Brian Yang


HatchetCover“Patience, he thought. So much of this was patience – waiting, and thinking and doing things right. So much of all this, so much of all living was patience and thinking.” This is my favorite quote from the book Hatchet. Hatchet is a young adult novel about wilderness survival that was written by Gary Paulsen. It has been an incredible book to read and one of the best books I have ever set my eyes upon. One reason why this is a great book is because it has a beautiful and perfect mixture of action, suspense and wits, along with some humour thrown in every now and then.


This book is about Brian. Brian was an ordinary youth who had hard times between his parents along with the “Secret.” All of this takes a turn for the worse when he travels in a plane and the pilot suffers a heart attack, causing Brian to crash in the wilderness of an unknown forest below. Although it would seem that this would be certain death for Brian, fate had something else planned and Brian survives the crash and has to survive the unknown wilderness that he is in. This results in some major survival problems for Brian, who has nothing but the hatchet that his mother gave him some time ago for his birthday. Using everything he knew and some knowledge he didn’t even know he possessed, Brian manages to power through against all odds. Brian cleverly fixes his problems while learning new things, gaining an understanding of survival techniques, discovering new things about life, and finally getting back to his home in the end. The story and the way Paulsen explains Brian’s adventure is so intense that you almost feel yourself in Brian’s place and the struggles he has to go through.


I really liked this book after I read it! Gary Paulsen did a really good job in writing this book. How he added in all of the action and suspense along with the bits of humour are cleverly placed. I would encourage everyone to read this book. You will be hooked by the incredible plot and also learn new morals and that if you have determination and hope, you can push through anything. This book definitely belongs on the five star shelf.



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