Me Before You: A Review by Anno Cho

MeBeforeYouCoverJojo Moyes’ highly acclaimed novel and film adaptation, Me Before You, is a stunning piece of contemporary and chick lit fiction. The novel follows our main protagonist Lou Clark, a 26-year-old woman contentedly working at The Buttered Bun café. Being the sole provider of her family, Lou’s life gets turned upside down when she loses her job. On the other side, Will Traynor is a former businessman-turned-quadriplegic, one who has lost his desire to live and has exact plans on how to achieve his wish. Regardless of what Will has in store for himself, everything changes when Lou receives a caregiving and companionship job- to none other but Will. A few days later, Lou finds herself doing things she never would have dared before, and Will finds himself with a different sort of happiness with Lou.

Me Before You takes place during the modern times in the United Kingdom. Louisa Clark is born to a middle-class family with her mother, father, and younger sister Katrina. Despite her father having a job, Lou is the main earner for her family. Although Lou is chatty and has an incredibly bright personality, she has no ambitions, despises new experiences, and has next to nothing for qualifications. Our other main character is Will Traynor, a quadriplegic, paralyzed and doomed to live the rest of his years in a wheelchair. Will is successful and was born in a prosperous family. Prior to his accident, Will was active and enjoyed bungee jumping, but since his movements are constricted due to the accident.

Me Before You was an incredibly enjoyable book. Although quite lengthy, the novel was clear and easy to read through, without being burdened by complicated names or dates. The interactions between Lou and Will are witty and not forced, and their relationship is well paced: Lou is not instantly attracted to Will, and neither of them love each other at all during the beginning. Me Before You is quick to spark emotions and is a captivating read. In many novels, interactions between characters feels forced and awkward, but Jojo Moyes writes splendidly and every interaction feels genuine.

The one thing I did not enjoy about this book was its predictability. Right when the ‘huge secret’ is revealed, any reader could easily predict the ending of the novel, which somewhat spoiled the climax. Regardless, I rather enjoyed this read and would recommend it to all.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ // 5 STARS


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