The Lightning Thief (Book One of Percy Jackson and the Olympians): A Review by Rahul Bhatia

LightningThiefCoverPercy Jackson: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is the first novel in the popular series that blends Greek mythology with the modern world. The story follows Percy Jackson, the titular teen, who is having trouble at his boarding school. Things start to get much worse, when the monsters and gods of Mount Olympus start to come into his life. What’s the problem? Well, Percy has angered a bunch of them. Zeus’s lightning bolt is stolen, and Percy is the suspect. Now Percy, along with his new allies, must find the stolen bolt and bring peace to the world of Greek mythology. Throughout his journey, Percy faces many dangerous menaces and obstacles, and meets many quirky characters. The main characters are Percy, Grover, and Annabeth, who set out on their mission. Percy, the main character is dyslexic and must cope with having to face this new world that is brought into his life. Grover, Percy’s friend at the boarding school, is a funny guy and has secrets of his own. Annabeth, who goes to Camp Half-Blood, the camp for Half-Blood teens, is a courageous girl who accompanies Percy on the journey as well. This trio works well in the story and they have a good chemistry with each other.


One of the cool things about The Lightning Thief is how it blends mythology with the regular world. The style of the book is written in a way that it is humorous and twists the classic Greek tales, but also stays true to their key facts. Also, the setting of camp Half-Blood is rich with detail and feels like a different world compared to outside. The story consistently changes location on this “Road Trip,” so every new place feels excitingly fresh. The Greek mythology also helps to create clear symbols and themes which further create an interesting, fictional lore.


I would recommend this book for a fun time and an enjoyable story. The book is targeted towards young teen readers and this is evident throughout the story. Additionally, it doesn’t carry any heavy messages or deep thoughts, but is meant to be an action-packed thrill fest instead. There are many things that make The Lightning Thief a great story.


The Percy Jackson series really pays off if you read all the books, which I suggest you do. There is also a spinoff series which uses the lore of Roman mythology to craft a new world. If I were to give The Lightning Thief a numbered rating, I would give it 8.5/10. It carries a lot of memorable moments and often feels like a film in its plot, which isn’t surprising, as it has spawned a feature film!


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