Red Queen: A Review by Lucia Chen

RedQueenCoverIn the dystopian setting of Victoria Ayeyard’s Red Queen, gods walk among humans but they are no longer kind. The gods have unimaginable powers and bleed silver blood, unlike the powerless red-blooded humans. In the middle of this chaotic world, Mare Barrow is a 17 year old red trying to protect her friend Kilor, from army conscription. Luck shines upon her as she is miraculously hired as a castle servant by the recommendation of an attractive stranger; however, the job is soon forgotten as Mare discovers she can wield lightning.  As suspicion starts to rise concerning Mare’s power, the royal family takes full advantage: training her and betrothing her to the younger prince.  The royal family has big plans for Mare, big plans that might be a little deadly, and after realizing this, Mare starts to work as an inside spy for the growing rebellion.  Using a power thought impossible for a red, Mare must literally fight for the possession of her own heart and soul.

The plot of this novel is extremely similar to the plot of The Selection by Kiara Cass. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has read and enjoyed The Selection. However, the writing style is different as Victoria Aveyard tends to write more poetically. The major difference between the two writing styles is that one book tends to be a little deeper, while the other focuses more on the ‘here’ and the ‘now’.

I personally enjoyed the book so much I decided to follow the series, buying not only the first and second but also the side stories. This is a very relaxing story, with many interesting plot twists. It makes for interesting book talks as well as reviews.

The ideal setting to read this book would definitely be curled up on your bed with a cup of iced tea in the late summer. As the book is composed of a lot of narrative, however, it would probably be best for your throat to read the book in your head as opposed to out loud.


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