Wolf Children Ame & Yuki: A Review by Lucia Chen

WolfChildrenCoverWolf Children is a delightfully relaxing story about the relationships in a young girl named Hana’s life. One day while attending university, Hana meets and befriends the love of her life. The man she falls for seems a little mysterious and suspicious, but Hana falls in love with him nonetheless. She later discovers he is actually the last descendant of the Japanese wolf, a wolf-man. One thing leads to another, and they safely deliver two children together. But  soon after the birth of their second child, the man is killed by the police, leaving Hana to raise both of their children alone.

The story mainly focuses on the growth of Hana’s children. Her daughter, Yuki, is reckless and brave, while her son, Ame, is shy and reserved. Feeling pressured by the wrath of society towards differences, the small family moves to the country side in order to escape. The meeting of other girls her age at school convinces Yuki that she’ll only be accepted in society if she acts like a normal human girl. However, Ame has different thoughts, as he would rather learn about the mountains than human customs. Together, the siblings explore the ups and downs of society, and eventually chose their own future paths to follow.

I would recommend this book for all ages, as well as genders. It really touches your soul, no matter who you are and what you like. This book and movie are vastly adored, as the style of the novel is casual-moving. The plot, summary, and characters may seem simple…but you will love it all in the end.

This story contains a lot of character development, and will make you cry, I promise. If you feel as if you have not cried enough, or enjoy the book a lot, I would recommend seeing the movie next, as it will also make you cry. Be sure to free up your schedule while reading or watching, because pausing the movie or putting down the book is next to impossible to do. All in all, this is one of my personal favorites.


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