Thirteen Reasons Why: A Review by Lucia Chen

ThirteenReasonsWhyCoverClay’s story starts when he falls in love with Hannah Baker, but it doesn’t end when she dies. Even after her tragic death, ruled a suicide, Hannah still haunts Clay with a few old cassette tapes. The cassette tapes are passed from victim to victim, down a list of people who have changed her life for both the better and the worse. Poor Clay thought his only mistake was falling in love with the wrong girl, never realizing how much that ‘mistake’ changed her life.

With 13 tapes in total, each tape tells the tale of an individual who has changed Hannah’s life. Released after her death, the tapes take a dark turn, explaining in detail how everyone on the victim list contributed to Hannah’s suicide. While being threatened to confidentiality, Clay slowly learns more about Hannah than he had ever noticed at school. The tapes take Clay on a quest around his own town, trying to understand why he was on the list. Slow and gorgeous, this novel tells the desolate last words from a desperately planned suicide.

The writing style is very refreshing, and the plot moves slowly. Narration alternates between Clay’s voice, and Hannah’s tapes. The novel advances at its own comfortable pace, with a few off-road, but important events. I especially liked how detailed every event was, filling the 288 paged novel with a unique story.

As this novel is a very refreshing read, I would recommend pairing it with Nestea, in any sort of weather. This could be read indoors, outdoors, on a couch, or even under a tree. However, if you are looking for a way to get the maximum amount of feels from this novel, I would strongly recommend reading it alone at night.

Overall, I loved the book, and would rate it 10/10. As reading this novel would definitely change your view about life, I would recommend it to anyone over the age of 13 due to dark themes.


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