The Maze Runner: A Review by Vanshika

MazeRunnerCoverImagine you find yourself in a lift. All you remember is your name. You have no idea where you are, who sent you there or why you are there.


Thomas finds himself in this situation. He is surrounded by boys whose memories are lost too. Out there, behind the walls of Glade (the place where they live) is a limitless Maze. It’s the only way out to the real world and no one has ever made it through alive. The Runners (the people who are in charge of navigating and mapping out the maze) are their only hope. The day after Thomas arrives, a girl is sent to the Glade. The first girl ever, and the news she shares is horrifying.


The Gladers no longer are being protected by the walls from the Grievers (horrific creatures that live in the maze). They no longer are being supplied daily essentials by the creators. They no longer have the sun. This is the end and this is when they face the real challenge. There are only two options: fight for their lives and find the exit of the maze; or give up on everything they have done for two years and get killed by the Grievers.


The Maze Runner teaches us about survival and how to face every challenge that life gives us. If fate decides that you have to go through something, then you will have to. There is no way of escaping or hiding from your fears and challenges. You only live once, why not live the best of it? The characters in this novel are amazing examples of bravery and fearlessness. The Gladers have tried to decode the maze for almost two years and they haven’t got a single clue. That didn’t make them give up on what they were doing. They kept trying their best till the last minute and they got the best of it.


Since Thomas arrived at the Glade, he wanted to find new clues and escape the maze. He never gave up, and that’s what the author is trying to convey to his audience. Once you have tried to face your fears and challenges you never give up, you always fight back to survive. The Gladers wanted to get out of the maze, even though they didn’t know what the real world would be like. They decided to face whatever stands as a barrier against them. They knew they could survive, they had the faith in themselves and that’s all that matters.


The Maze Runner is one of the best sci-fi novels I have ever read. The author uses a variety of literary devices that make it very interesting. This novel is fast paced, enthralling and heart pounding till the very last moment. Once you take a look at this book you can never put it down, it’s that addicting! To find out how the life of Thomas and the Gladers turn out, read The Maze Runner and its series by James Dashner.


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