The Selection: A Review by Negin Norouzizadeh

SelectionCoverThe Selection, by Kiera Cass, tells readers from a first-person point of view the story of how America Singer, who is classified as a “low-class”girl in a dystopian society, involuntarily gets chosen for The Selection, a competition between 35 girls for the heart of Prince Maxon. While America is aware that the opportunity to compete and advance in this competition could financially boost her family up in the social ladder for a life-time, she is very hesitant to participate, as she is not ready to say goodbye to her loving boyfriend and former childhood friend, Aspen. Once America enters the contest though, she is bewildered by Prince Maxon’s charming and down-to-earth personality. This situation now presents America with a life-changing challenge: Is she going to fight and compete for a life of luxury and comfort beside the future heir of the country, or is she going to quit the contest and go back home to her first lover, Aspen?
I believe this book would be most appreciated and enjoyed by teenagers and young adults (above 10 to late 20s) due to the romance entailed within the plot (which is not too explicit or “strong” for teenagers to not be able to handle). But, regardless, I would generally recommend this book for anyone who does not mind romantic plots, and for those interested in getting a glimpse at what a dystopian royalty life could look like (behind what the public and the cameras see). I love how beautifully detailed this novel has been written, due to how at certain points throughout the book, I could vividly imagine myself being in America’s shoes and experiencing the thoughts and emotions she was feeling as well. The only part of the book I did not really like would be how the novel, being the debut novel of The Selection series, ended in a cliff hanger. As a reader, cliff hangers always make me feel frustrated and wanting more (which is the whole point of a cliff hanger, but to me that can sometimes be unfair to the readers). All in all, The Selection is a captivating read for anyone who is into romance and dystopian royalty.


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