Eragon: A Review by Eze Diamant

EragonCoverEragon, written by Christopher Paolini, is the first book in the adventurous fantasy series of Inheritance. The story starts in a mysterious forest, with two elves murdered and one taken captive. The protagonist Eragon is then introduced as a typical farm boy living with his uncle and cousin in a small farming town. Eragon’s life is forever changed when he steps into a mountain range called the Spine and he finds a dragon egg. Eragon secretly raises the dragon and becomes a Dragon Rider. He also realizes that being a Dragon Rider enables him to use magical abilities and spells, even though he can’t control it.


Eragon starts to train himself in secret while keeping his dragon secret from the rest of the population. However, he has to flee his town after King Galbatorix’s servants murder his uncle and plan to murder him alongside his dragon. Luckily, an elder named Brom gives Eragon a sword and proper training on how to use his power as a Dragon Rider. They continue to flee the servants of the King and cause more mischief in other cities and towns. This book has a great lead up to the final pages and will keep you wanting more to read and more time to consume with the next book of the series, Eldest.


I found Eragon to be an astonishingly good book for teens who are interested in Medieval-Related books and magic. The fact that there a lovable boy that is fighting against all odds to keep his dragon safe will interest a large crowd of people who like adventure and fantasy novels. It gives out no moral, although it teaches young minds about the time before electronic devices and what people did back then. All in all, this book was spectacular and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes this genre and who likes to use their imagination while reading about heroes and dragons.


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