The Titan’s Curse (Book Three of Percy Jackson and the Olympians): A Review by Tian Yu


The Titans Curse is the third book in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. The book starts with our heroes being ambushed by monsters in a school. Wait, that’s literally every Percy Jackson book. Well, to be more specific, the book starts off with Percy, Annabeth and Thalia in a boarding school hunting for two particularly powerful new demigods named Nico and Bianca Di Angelo. Soon after finding them though, they’re ambushed by a manticore, Dr Thorn (haha, since manticores have thorns on their tails), who kidnaps Annabeth and escapes. Now Percy and Thalia, as well as Artemis’ hunters who assisted them in fending off Dr Thorn, must track the monster to try and rescue Annabeth. Soon though, they stumble upon a much more serious problem: the Titan army rising faster than expected, with Kronos as its lead.


Personally, I’ve always viewed the Titans Curse as a ‘connective’ book in the series between two interesting plot points. Before it, you have camp Half Blood as a fun place for demigods to hang out, while after you have all-out war with the Titans. Being the middle book of the series, The Titans Curse has the unsavory job of acting as a bridge for the series to progress. Fortunately, it does so pretty well and definitely exceeded my expectations (which weren’t really high anyways). The book continues with the characteristic narration style of Rick Riordan, with humor and good flow. The introduction of Thalia, daughter of Zeus, as a major character in this book adds a level of depth, not only providing someone to challenge Percy in power but also making us doubt whether Percy is the one in the great prophecy. Overall, although the Titans Curse is a little bit forgettable, it has a task in the series and does it well, while at the same time being fairly good on its own.



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