Battle of the Labyrinth (Book Four of Percy Jackson and the Olympians): A Review by Tian Yu


The Battle of the Labyrinth, by Rick Riordan, is the second last book in the Percy Jackson series. The final battle for Camp Half Blood looms closer, as Kronos’ forces prepare to finish them off once and for all. Of course, Camp Half Blood’s still a summer camp, and the main priority is for the campers to have fun! That’s why, with death looming around the corner, the campers are having a game of treasure hunt in their monster infested forest. That is until Percy and Annabeth fall into a hole and uncover a direct connection into the Labyrinth, a huge maze that spans the majority of America.


Sounds pretty cool, until they realize that Kronos could use the maze as a way for his army to bypass Camp Half Blood’s magical barriers. Fortunately the maze is magic, which basically means that anyone that enters gets lost and dies. The only way to use the maze is by using the thread of Ariadne, which can magically guide the user through the Labyrinth, which both Percy and Annabeth, and Kronos’ army are now in a race to find.


The Battle of the Labyrinth is a solid book, albeit not my personal favorite of the series. It definitely creates the atmosphere of the Labyrinth well, not only with suspense, but also with the confusion and irrationality that would be expected from wandering inside a giant death maze. The development of new characters, like Nico and Daedalus, are well executed but fairly generic, with classic “bad angsty guy turns good and redeems himself” arcs. My main issue is with the final encounter with Kronos’ army. I felt that the build up to the battle at the end of the book was too long and the battle itself, as well as the aftermath, was way too short. Other than that, the Battle of the Labyrinth was a good book that stayed fairly faithful to the series so far.



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