The Last Olympian (Book Five of Percy Jackson and the Olympians): A Review by Tian Yu

LastOlympianCoverThe Last Olympian, by Rick Riordan, brings the thrilling Percy Jackson and the Olympian series to a close. After four books of anticipation and mounting tensions, the demigods of Camp Half Blood are going to be put to the test against the evil forces of Cronus.

The book begins with Percy and Beckendorf, a camper from the Hephaestus cabin, boarding the Princess Andromeda, Cronus’s ship of monsters, in an attempt to blow it up before it reaches New York. Unfortunately, they’re caught off guard when Cronus is informed of their plot by a spy in the camp, and are only able to blow up the ship at the cost of Beckendorf’s life. Escaping back to Camp Half Blood, Percy is met with more bad news. Cronus managed to release Typhon, a mountain-sized monster bent on destroying the gods, and forcing them all to meet it head on, leaving Mount Olympus undefended. Now the last line of defense for Mount Olympus against Cronus and his armies are the 70 or so demigods from Camp Half Blood. The problem is, there are way more than 70 monsters.


After four book of build-up, the expectation for the series’ conclusion is definitely high, and I can confidently say that The Last Olympian meets these expectations. The vast majority of the book is dedicated to the final encounter between Cronus and the demigods, which allows for the ending to seem less rushed. The gradual development of the book’s story under the guise as the series’ conclusion allows for a satisfying ending, as well as some last minute character and plot development. The writing style is what’s to be expected from Rick Riordan, which is generally casual and well flowing, albeit with significantly less jokes this time around. In summation, the Last Olympian gives a satisfying conclusion to a great series. My only complaint would be the lack of follow-up after the fight is done, but that’s mainly addressed in the second series (The Heroes of Olympus).


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