The Nine Lives of Chloe King: A Review by Lucia Chen

9LivesChloeKingCoverChloe King is a young teen girl, complete with crazy friends, a rebellious attitude and a penchant for trouble.  This trouble not only brings more trouble, but comes in the form of impossibility the night she survives a fall off of Coit tower.  No one survives a fall from Coit tower, and stranger still, no one survives with no injuries. However, danger attracts other danger and soon enough, Chloe begins to question if these new powers are a blessing, or a curse.

As Chloe’s secrets start to tear apart her mind, her relationships are starting to tear apart her life. Her childhood friends are now dating, she’s falling for not one, but two equally loveable guys, and her mom is suddenly kidnapped.  These incidents leave Chloe not thinking straight, and eventually connect to the day a deadly assassin threatens to kill her. Seeking comfort and answers, Chloe finds refuge in the local ‘Pride,’ an organization that shelters, trains, and protects those of Chloe’s kind.

Within the Pride Chloe finds answers, but she isn’t quite sure who to trust. Does she trust the man who took her in and treated her as a daughter, or the boy who risked everything to warn her of potential danger?  Chloe learns that she is not unique in terms of powers, except for the extra lives and visions of past lives. Her powers exist in a multitude of people of all race, age, and gender, stemming from Egypt and bearing the name ‘Mai.’ She also learns that she can’t have prolonged contact with the boy her feelings lean towards because it would kill him; but hey, you can’t have it all, right? Meanwhile, evil plans for revenge, the continuation of a 5000 year war and treachery aimed at Chloe are messing up her life again.

Before stating my personal opinion of the book, I would like to state that there is a show based on this novel rated for ages 14 and up, and I wholeheartedly recommend trying out the series if you enjoyed the plot.

The reason being is because of the writing style. Although the author has woven a complex and interesting plot full of surprises and difficult choices, the writing itself seems rushed, with too much information in too few pages. The author does not linger on important details and leaves out too much of the story to create good tension. Character development occurs too soon, as does all the major points of the story. The narration also constantly shifts between first person, third person, and third person omniscient, and the entire text is simply not an enjoyable read.

The plot of this novel is very interesting and I am recommending it to everyone above the age of 13. However, I did not particularly like reading this novel. But if the plot interests you, why not try out the show instead?


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