Every Last Word: A Review by Lucia Chen

EveryLastWordCover.jpgEvery Last Word tells the tale of Samantha McAllister. To everyone around her, Samantha seems perfect. She has a loving family, popular friends and is working to land a scholarship in swimming, but although she has a happy future ahead of her Samantha is suffering. Samantha has OCD, which causes her to obsess over every detail and over think constantly. Everything stresses her out, and in order to keep up with appearances she must take sleeping pills and see a therapist every Wednesday. However, this all changes once Samantha meets Caroline. Caroline listens to Samantha, and leads her to the Poet’s corner and changes her life for the better. Caroline also leads her into liking to a boy named AJ, and for once, she feels normal instead of crazy. Everything, everything is going well, until a surprising secret flips Samantha’s life upside down again.

I really enjoyed Every Last Word. The writing style flows throughout the story perfectly, and the author spaces every event with the proper time needed.  Every event is realistic, as well as thoroughly explained for the science and psychology lovers out there. I especially loved how the author explained her plot twists.

The perfect location to read this book really is anywhere, be it the mall cafeteri, or your bedroom. Unlike other novels, this novel creates the setting instead of being influenced by the novel. While reading this novel, a comforting atmosphere will surround you. It really is an amazing book.

In short, I simply adored this novel, and would rate it 10/10 and recommend it to all young adult fiction readers.


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