The Selection: A Review by Lucia Chen

SelectionCoverFor 35 girls spread far throughout the country of Ilea, being chosen to participate in the Selection is a dream come true. In a world in which your caste determines your hobbies, your job, and even your friends, the only ways to climb up the ranks is to either be the best, or marry the best. Most girls would be thrilled as the chance to potentially be a princess, a chance to escape their predestined life. To be chosen as a selected is USUALLY an honor, but for America Singer, to be chosen is to live a nightmare.

Although America‘s caste is only a 5, she wouldn’t trade up for anything. She enjoys her chosen job, is happy with her family, and has even found love in a 6 named Aspen. America is almost always happy and satisfied but as a 6, Aspen leads a harsher life so when Aspen begs her to enter the selection, America gives in.

The Selection takes place in the royal castle until the young prince, Maxon, has chosen a wife. Throughout the entire process of elimination the palace swarms with cameras, and America realizes she is too late to back out. She feels miserable, restrained, and helpless, until she meets the prince and they strike a deal. Maxon needs a friend and confidante just as desperately as America needs the funding the Selection provides, which kicks off a great start of friendship, deceit, and maybe even romance.

I enjoyed the writing style, setting and characters of this book. The book is short, simple, and evenly spaced out. Most of the characters are unique, and undergo quite a lot of character development from plot twists no one would be able to predict. This book is a dystopian novel which takes place on a changed America (no pun intended), in an unmentioned year. Overall, this was a good book.

I would recommend using this book as a book review or a book talk, as it wraps the struggles and secrets of society within a great read. This would be a great novel to analyze, as it has very obvious character development throughout the story. The story itself is unique, and Young Adult Fiction rated.

All in all, this was a great book, and I would totally recommend it to anyone aged 10 and older.


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