1984: A Review by Koorosh Hashemi

1984coverGeorge Orwell’s 1984 is written in the third person and set in the fictional country of Oceania. The main character, Winston, who works for The Party, has a belief that nothing is at its place in the society. Furthermore, he has the instinct that lies are being told by The Party to different people in different social classes, specifically the proles. Following up, he starts trusting an individual he should have never trusted, O’Brien. Winston has the wrong sense that O’Brien is in the Brotherhood, a group working and acting undercover against Big Brother and The Party. On his journey, Winston also falls in and out of love with Julia, a girl met at the two minutes hate. Although the title of the book is 1984, it is written many years prior to that date. The main theme of the novel includes physical control as The Party can use physical torture in order to control reality, such as 2+2=5. Other themes include totalitarianism and history control.

I believe the novel 1984 is very informative and a must-read for those interested to know more about the proletariat ruling governments around the world. I think the best time to read this book is in Grade 12, for 16 to 17 year old students, as most of them have some but incomplete knowledge of the world that they live in. It will help them open their minds to not believe everything that they see, even with their own eyes.

Personally, 1984 is one of my favorite books. Even though I read this book in summer school, it was a pleasure reading it and it had me interested since the first page. I would recommend this book to any book lover in Grade 12 and above since it needs some knowledge and background to fully understand the relatively heavy content buried in the book.


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