Doublecross. Mission Atomic (Book Four of the 39 Clues): A Review by Saul Widrich

missionatomiccoverThe title says it all, this book was EXPLOSIVE! Filled with intriguing characters, page turning plot twists and amazing wordplay, this book is sure to be a hit. From the series, “The 39 Clues,” comes the final installment of the four book “Doublecross” series. Throughout this adventure-thriller series, our main protagonists Amy and Dan Cahill, along with their friends and family, must go on a dangerous adventure to stop a man who calls himself “The Outcast.” Always a step ahead of the Cahills, “The Outcast” attempts to recreate some of history’s deadliest disasters, some including airship explosions, hurricanes, and even the sinking of the “Titanic” itself! Constantly racing against time, our brave adventurers must try to stop these terrible attacks-before it’s too late. In “Mission Atomic,” Amy and Dan take the fight to their enemies. Fueled by a secret about the “Outcast” himself, they are finally going to finish this once and for all. But can they really fight this mastermind when a major city is on the line? The clock ticks,and the reactors beep. Can Amy and Dan really stop a nuclear explosion? Will our heroes make it out alive? All will be told in the thrilling conclusion of the bestselling “Doublecross” series.


I loved this book as you can see! Continuing the plot beautifully from the previous three books, we see all our beloved characters again. It is easy to connect to these characters considering they are about the intended audience’s age. You can sense the frustration of the characters as they are never a step ahead of their enemy. Realizing that everything they are doing is a distraction ignites their passion and anger to finish this once and for all. All the characters are brave and kind, risking their lives just to save strangers. They embrace responsibility and realize that their power can be used for good. This is inspiring as well as interesting to read.


The book itself is very well written. It is almost as if you are living inside the book. The author uses amazing plot twists, a variety of vocabulary, and constant descriptive language. It is very suspenseful and hard to put down. It has just the right amount of drama, mystery, adventure and thrills, all mixed together to make an amazing product. I know that I absolutely loved this book!


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