The Blue Castle: A Review by Emily Zhang

bluecastlecover“Fear is the original sin.”


Valancy Stirling, an old maid in Deerwood, had lived a miserable live for twenty-nine years. She was constantly discouraged and belittled by her gossip-minded family. She feared everyone in her family and never dared to contradict them. Her life did not changed until she got a letter from her doctor saying that she was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease. Since she only had one more year to live, she decided to live a life that she wanted. She disobeyed her family and fell in love with a “notorious” young man, Barney Snaith. They lived together in a house, which looked like the blue castle that Valancy kept dreaming about when she was young.


One year later, Valancy was almost crushed by a train while she was hanging out in the wood with Barney. She was deeply frightened. However, her heart disease was not triggered. She went to see the doctor. The doctor told her that her heart disease was nothing terrible. The letter she got was actually meant to be addressed to another person. Everything was a mistake! And this mistake made Valancy’s life much better. The story ended with a happy ending after Valancy found out that Barney was actually a famous writer and the son of a millionaire. They lived happily ever after…


I like Valancy the best. She was a courageous woman who chose her own life. She was not afraid of death. She felt sad when she got the letter from the doctor not because she had no future but because she had no past. As a result, she left her superficial family and pursued her own life. She chose Barney as her husband despite the rumors in the neighborhood. She took care of her friend Cissy before her death because no one else wanted to do it. She was a good soul.


Barney is my second favorite. He was kind to others, and he never depended on his millionaire father. He was a mysterious person in Deerwood because no one knew his background. He never showed off that he had a lot of money. Moreover, he loved Valancy with his whole heart.


This is a very good reading material for teens. It has a profound theme. And I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys happy endings.


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