One False Note: A Review by Eze Diamant

onefalsenotecoverOne False Note, written by Gordon Korman, is the second in an adventurous drama multi-author series called The 39 Clues. During the first book, after the death of their grandmother, her will states that Amy and Dan (along with other family members) have a choice to take two million dollars cash or to embark on a journey to find the first clue to ‘power beyond belief.’ Amy and Dan pick the latter, while quarrelling against the other family members in the race. They eventually find the first clue and find themselves flying to Europe for the second clue.

The story continues after Amy and Dan race to find the second clue, which leads them to Vienna and the Mozart family. They encounter Alistair Oh, the Kabra children, plus a near-death experience in the Salzburg Catacombs and a high-speed boat chase in world-class cities on this bootless errand.

I found One False Note to be an amazing book for all ages (like the first one in the series), while being targeted to youth. In the book, the fact that there is some sort of New World Order will interest a large crowd of conspiracists and will intrigue many people who appreciate the fine arts and history, as these are all found in a perfect bled in this book. It plays on the fear of everyone being in a ploy against you, and of just one family being so influential in world history for centuries. It gives the moral that, with just enough persistence and dumb luck anything can happen, essentially telling kids to pursue their dreams, no matter how crazy they are. The book teaches young minds about historically important figures in visual arts, teaches them about amazing cities and about using their wits to escape any situation. All in all, this book was spectacular and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes a quick read and has an interest in geography, the arts, science, thrillers, or most topics that involve imagination while reading an alternate-reality book about a secret family that rules the world.


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